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Nav Clock for iPhone / iPad

Nav Clock is based upon those cool multi-function weather station clocks that you see on people’s desks in their offices.  Proudly display your  iPhone™, iPad™, or iPod® touch in its charging cradle or while on the go.  Nav Clock is perfect for travelers, weather enthusiasts, pilots, hikers, and everyone else.  Optomized for iOS 13, including Dark Mode where appropriate.


• Nav Clock brings together all of the current information you need in

  one clean format.

• Maps view of the nearest weather station and its information.

• Copyable current location coordinates so that they may be pasted into

   other apps.

• Course and Speed is great for hikers!

• Makes a great for a night stand clock!

• Horizontal view (iPhone) displays additional weather station


    Begin Civil Twilight (Dawn)

    End Civil Twilight (Dusk)

    Solar Noon (Transit)

    Total Hours of Daylight

    Daylight gain/loss each day

    Pressure Altitude

    Density Altitude

    Ceiling Information

    Weather Station Information Map View

        Station Name

        Station Location

        Station Elevation and Distance

        Weather Observation Date/Time

        what3words address

• The background sky condition photographs change to closely approximate the current sky conditions in your vicinity with gorgeous original photography.  Over 90 background sky condition photographs are included with more being added with each update.

• Optional backgrounds and text colors to choose from.

• Displays the time and location, offset from Greenwich Mean Time, aviation “Zulu” time (GMT), geographic coordinates, Maidenhead coordinates, elevation above mean sea level (requires GPS), and the accuracy of the location.  Optional date formats to choose from.  Optional Military time Zones.

• The barometric pressure is calculated natively on the iPhone and a trending indicator for steady, rising, falling, rapidly rising, or rapidly falling is displayed.  Nav Clock is one of only a few weather Apps that display a barometric pressure trend indicator.  

• Current weather station information for your location including “Feels Like” temperature, the Wind Chill or Heat Index based upon the temperature, wind, and humidity.  A fine resolution of the current weather conditions is displayed including wind gusts, wind variability, and visibilities as low as “<50” feet in some cases.

• Julian date options.

• Many preference settings allow you to customize the format of the display including the metric system, 24-hour time, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Degrees-Minutes.M, WGS 84, Maidenhead, or what3words coordinate systems, Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both, tenths of degrees, aviation weather formats, disable auto-lock (prevents the screen from sleeping), and more.

• Languages: English.  Partial translations for German, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPod, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.  iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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